Every child will have the opportunity and right to be part of a family.


Our core values underpin all that we do.


We take pride in our ability to provide quality supports and services and we work hard to ensure our    services meet the highest standards. We believe excellence in quality is achieved through education, management and evaluation.


Practicing from strengths based perspective means that everything we do will be based on facilitating the discovery, exploration and use of each individual’s strengths and available resources in the service of helping them achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. At all times ensuring transparency, flexibility, cultural sensitivity and accountability in all our dealings, we act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person, our staff; young people their families and our stakeholders.


We act with Integrity which is fundamental in our dealings with each other, the young people, families, our customers and the broader community. We are characterised by mutual trust, respect, honesty and open communication between young people, families and stakeholders.


Providing services that engage, involve, strengthen and support families is the most effective approach to ensuring children’s safety, permanency and well-being, placing a strong emphasis on prevention and early intervention. We encourage young people and families to actively participate in their own lives.

Emotional Intelligence

We foster in our staff, young people and families- the ability to understand your own feelings and those of other people and to consider other people when making decisions.