Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a number of frequently asked questions for you to peruse, if you need to get in touch, please email us.

If you have submitted an application that meets the minimum requirements, you will be contacted and will have opportunity to ask questions about the position and the company at that stage.

No, Sleepovers are a part of your position description, which is provided with your contract. If you have a special reason as to why you are not able to participate in sleepovers, please discuss this with your recruitment manager.

Yes, the position you apply for, for instance, South Brisbane, would mean that you are working through our South Brisbane Office and associated locations. The same goes for each region, and depending on your position, would not be asked to work out of your contracted region unreasonably. You can also request an internal transfer to other regions.

No, it is not required, but It is always a good idea to utilise every resource you can to leverage your position. Use your cover letter to better explain you and your focus and abilities that are best attributed to the position you are applying for.

Whilst our organisation does follow government mandates, as this time it is not a requirement to be vaccinated and you are welcome to apply for a position, even if you were never vaccinated. Should Government mandates again change in the future for Covid-19 or other unforeseeable ailments, a mandatory requirement would come into effect outside of our control.

Yes, Speak with your Team Leader about our Benefits program supplied by AccessPay,  They offer Salary Packaging, Novated Leasing and Meal/Entertainment benefits, as part of the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) scheme.

Salary packaging allows you to pay for a range of everyday items using a portion of your pre-tax salary. This lowers your overall taxable income as a result.

It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time or casual, you may still be able to benefit from salary packaging.

Find out more here: AccessPay

No, we do not specifically require police checks, but we do require an LCS or Child Safety and Personal History Screening Check, which is similar. The LCS does consider your historical ‘negative’ events including Charges or Disputes of Violence, Loss of Driver’s License, among other things.

This free check is performed as part of our licensing requirements, whilst you commence your onboarding.

This depends on a number of factors outside of our control, but generally a minimum of 2 weeks from application.  You will be provided with a number of tasks to complete and information to upload before training commences. You will be unable to commence work until you have a paid Blue Card application and a returned LCS Check.

Yes, providing you have your Green P plates, we will not accept your application if you have a Learners or Red P plate status, as you will likely find yourself in a circumstance where you will need to be driving a vehicle with others in the vehicle and you will need to be license unrestricted.

Yes, if your certificate meets the minimum qualification standards or is an equivalent document as provided by the Department of Women & Children here:

You must either be beginning your study journey or already studying for the certificate for your application to be considered.


The best direction we can point you in is to speak with your preferred registered training provider (Such as TAFE Queensland) about career pathways and how choosing certain directions will affect which certificate you should consider.  

For instance, if you are following a legal pathway that supports youth in counsel, you may want to take on the Youth Justice Certificate IV.


Not at all, we consider all applications equally and do not discriminate, we have a number of employees with disabilities.


Depending on your application and position that you have applied for,  generally speaking working with young people is not for everyone.

Additional training is provided so that you can manage how you deal with certain circumstances and how you compose yourself. If you feel you have what it takes to be mindful and respectful and you align with our company values, we welcome your application.

More information can be found here:

We operate in Brisbane South, Brisbane North, Toowoomba/Lockyer Valley and Stanthorpe. Your applied for position should reflect the region you want to work in and can be altered with a transfer if required.